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If you want a healthier alternative to conventional frozen treats, just use popsicle molds to freeze your favorite healthy yogurt.  That’s how this started for me, anyhow!

We always try to keep things healthy, natural and organic and knew we wanted to avoid added sugars.  The only added sugars for our 18 month old daughter 1-2 small organic Stoneyfield Farms Yo Baby yogurts per day.   One day, I realized I had a few cups that were close to the expiration date, so I decided to freeze them into pops.  She liked those.

Then I realized I had half eaten fruit/veggie puree pouches(AKA: “Squishies,” in our house) and she never liked those out of the fridge, only room temperature.  So I started mixing those in.  Then, one day, she didn’t want to eat of her dinner–not even her favorite, the avocado.  So I mashed that up and started including it in the “Ah-Keem,” as she used to call it.

Then I got to thinking about the sugar in those yogurts and wondered if I could do better for her.  After some trial and error, this is what I came up with.

The basic mix is simple.  Unsweetened, Plain Fage Yogurt, puree(I get mine from the pouch–all natural, organic, no sugar–only pure fruits & veggies) & fresh banana & avocado make a quick, perfectly sweet frozen treat.  If you want to get creative, I can’t blame you.  Here’s what I did:

AKA: A sneaky healthy meal on a stick

Plain Greek Style Yogurt with Mashed and Pureed Fruits and Veggies.

Nice Avocado

...or rather "Fold."Run mold under some warm tap water for 10 seconds and...PRESTO!To make 8 of these pops, I used:

1 1/2 cups plain Greek Style yogurt(Fage is my favorite because the texture is super rich(despite being 2%) and the flavor is mild)

1 1/2 Large bananas, bright yellow, no over-ripening

1 1/2 pouches of the yellow puree for base color

1/2 of a large Hass Avocado(could have used more)

12 Raspberries

1 pouch of the Purple Puree to drip in

What you see in the first photo is all you should need to make these.


1.  Mash the banana with a fork

2.  Immediately mix in yogurt, before the banana has a chance to brown

3.  Stir in puree the give some natural color to the popsicle

4.  This good sized Haas Avocado will be the perfect color to make green polka dots in the popsicle.  Partially mash avocado with fork.  I like the chunks for both the bananas and the avocado because it gives a variation in the textures, flavors and colors.

5.  Fold in the avocado to just combine with the yogurt, puree pouch, banana mixture.

*At this point, you could just spoon the mixture into the popsicle molds and have a healthy meal or snack.  But if you are way to creative and don’t value your sleep nearly enough, you can get super complicated and do the next steps…

6.  Now you’re ready to spoon in the yogurt.

At some point in the progression of this one and only thing our daughter will consistently eat and not just play with, I wanted to include more good stuff and more flavor.  So I started to mix in hand broken bits of raspberries, chopped blueberries and then I wanted more fruit/veggie puree, so I began layering a spoonful of yogurt and dripping in some dots(or drips) of the puree.   If you haven’t gone with the wonderful simple approach of just pouring the yogurt/fruit/veggie mixture into the molds, then you should plan for at least 10 minutes for your artsy layering.  Good luck!

7.  Drip in Dots (or drips) of Puree

8.  Since I’m already layering, layer these in, too so they don’t turn the whole mixture a different color.  Repeat the layers how ever you like until you’ve filled the cups.

9.  I fill these pretty to the max and then They’re ready for the stick/top.

You can see the completed Pops, ready to go into the freezer, overnight.  I have no idea how long they actually take to freeze, so I can’t tell you for sure.

To remove, run mold under some warm tap water for 10 seconds and…PRESTO!

I love these popsicle molds.  They were just under $4 for a 4-pack at Target last summer.  Loved them so much, I bought 3 packs.  I like these because the top/mold part is made to fit around the stick part that you hold.  It makes it much easier for tiny hands to hold.