As a mother to a wonderful 21 month old little girl, who is the light of my life, I know that time is at a premium.  I never thought I would love the challenges of every day as much as I do and becoming a mother has changed the way I look at life–from what is important(remembering to take time to be silly and feeding her healthy, nourishing food) to what is not as important as I thought(keeping everything pristine).

Still, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done, particularly being able to touch base with other parents and sharing what has been helpful to whom.  I’ve discovered such an array of baby items and tried anything I’ve thought would be helpful in some way.  Some things I’ve loved–others, not so much.  So why is this important?  For me, because I would have loved to find some helpful reviews on items when I have needed them; because of all of the times I’ve asked other parents, “Have you heard of this?”–hoping for an experienced opinion–and feeling like I must be the only parent searching out teething soothers at 2am or even giving the matter any thought.  Yet I know I’m not–I just can’t be.  So, here I am…sharing any knowledge, tips, hints and helpful products I’ve come across in my quest to make babyhood a little easier on our little one and parenthood just a little easier for someone else.