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Sling, Baby Carrier…what’s the word? Part 2

My preference for  slings, after trying various types of carriers, structured slings slings with, pleats, folds and with big rings or small rings is this:  Big rings and no pleats makes it super comfy, super versatile.  I had thought, being short, that the small rings would be better, but I found the small rings encourage the fabric to open on the shoulder a little and the big rings encourage more opening.  The pleats prevent more opening, from my experience, and would cause the fabric to ride up my arm and end up above my shoulder and hang on my neck.  That’s not the most comfortable thing.  You might prefer it the same way as me, too.  I spent the first 6 months with a Maya Wrap riding up and hanging on my neck, but it didn’t bother me much and it wasn’t until I got a much cheaper, gently used Pretty Momma sling and Ellaroo sling on ebay, that I realized how much more comfortable the simple shoulder is.  Also, I am a voluptuous, petite woman, so my shoulders have more of a roundness.  Being short with rounder shoulders may be why the big rings and no pleats work better for me.  If you are a very slim woman, small rings and pleats will probably work just fine.

When trying to figure out the right way to put my 2 week old into the sling, I searched YouTube and found a video for every baby wearing issue I can think of(though I didn’t see one for a back carry for toddlers).
I found these on YouTube, by doing a search for “ring sling.”

Tummy to tummy for younger babies:

Cradle Carry/Sleep Carry

Cradle Semi-reclining

Kangaroo Carry

Rings too low

Fabric on neck

Proper bigger baby position

Toddler hip carry

Hopefully these links will be be helpful in helping you wear your baby in a sling.  Mine is 21 months and I still use my sling to carry her and times when I would otherwise need to hold her in my arms.  I also sometimes use the Ergo Baby Carrier, which I really do like.  It can be worn in front or in back, for older babies and toddlers.  My sling is just more compact and convenient because I can fold it up and stick it in my purse, in case I need it.

Happy Baby wearing.  In the next installment, I talk about breast pumps and some tips for finding a good one used.

Sling, Baby Carrier…what’s the word? Part 1

Before we had a baby, I’d heard of only one type of baby carrier:  Baby Bjorn.  So, of course we got one.  Then my friend who had a baby a few moths old at the time ours was on her way, told me about the Maya Wrap, an adjustable Ring Sling.  So, of course we needed one of those, too.  Once our baby came, that’s when the real test began.

First off, after having to deliver via emergency c-section after 30.5 hours of labor, I was in for a longer than expected recovery and an additional challenge…no lifting anything heavier than the baby for 8 weeks.  That meant that when she was three weeks old and I wanted to take her to the store with me, I did not have the option to use a stroller or even lift the car seat into the shopping cart.  This meant getting acquainted with baby carriers pretty quickly.

I tried the Baby Bjorn and, for me it was uncomfortable.  My milk had come in, big time and having a baby strapped to my chest was not pleasant.  So I tried the Maya Wrap sling I’d purchased.  The first time I tried putting her in, my baby screamed. For some tips on how to put her in properly, I found some videos on YouTube and got her in comfortable on the second try.  The Maya Wrap(around $60) became my favorite because it gave me the freedom to go out with my baby and I was able to breastfeed anywhere in total secret.

The sling was great, but pricey, and I wanted to have a few because my baby had been spitting up on it constantly.  So…I found another used sling, a Pretty Momma sling (starting around $70, new).  I liked this one better than the original Maya Wrap because there was no folding at the shoulder–just rings simply and securely sewn in at one end.  I liked how this one cupped my shoulder and more or less stayed in place.  It was great, but with as much as my baby was having massive spit-ups and necessitating rewashing the slings, I needed more–but at a better price point.

Then, by a stroke of luck, I found my answer.  Patricia, a stay at home mom, makes a wonderful Ring Sling.  Her site is, though I just tried it and it is down.  She was selling her slings for around $30 and they are top notch.  She uses the smaller rings, but I found I liked the larger rings better and she was able to make my slings with the larger rings.  She also uses pleats at the shoulder, but when I received them and did not like the way the slings fit me with the pleats, she fixed them.

For more on Ring Slings and fit, including the YouTube links I’ve found helpful, tune in to Part 2, in the next couple of days.

Hello…Here I am…

As a mother to a wonderful 21 month old little girl, who is the light of my life, I know that time is at a premium.  I never thought I would love the challenges of every day as much as I do and becoming a mother has changed the way I look at life–from what is important(remembering to take time to be silly and feeding her healthy, nourishing food) to what is not as important as I thought(keeping everything pristine).

Still, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done, particularly being able to touch base with other parents and sharing what has been helpful to whom.  I’ve discovered such an array of baby items and tried anything I’ve thought would be helpful in some way.  Some things I’ve loved–others, not so much.  So why is this important?  For me, because I would have loved to find some helpful reviews on items when I have needed them; because of all of the times I’ve asked other parents, “Have you heard of this?”–hoping for an experienced opinion–and feeling like I must be the only parent searching out teething soothers at 2am or even giving the matter any thought.  Yet I know I’m not–I just can’t be.  So, here I am…sharing any knowledge, tips, hints and helpful products I’ve come across in my quest to make babyhood a little easier on our little one and parenthood just a little easier for someone else.